Always Keep your Client at the Center

The Faselis infrastructure is built on a brand based model.

  • All Faselis operations run around the brands of your clients.
  • Define the sectors of your client’s brand to meet with the right journalists.
  • Assign senders, header and footer so you can create your polished press releases in a much shorter time.
  • Assign users to the brands to increase the security and never worry about unauthorized actions for that client again.
  • Never dig around looking for releases
  • All the releases and reports are classified under your brand names, so you can easily access all the information you need in only a few seconds.
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Always Keep your Client at the Center
Easy Team Management

Organize your team, increase efficiency, and save more time and resources.

  • Create accounts for all your team members and assign them to the clients’ brands that they are responsible for. This helps you to manage your team much more easily and track their work.
  • Delete any of the user accounts you created for your team members if they leave your company and increase your overall security.
  • Assign your team members to the brands from the Faselis website or using the Faselis mobile app.
Easy Team Management
Optimize Impact and Reach

Customize Your Audience

  • Target journalists and influencers interested in your story to get maximum coverage and impact
  • Easily block journalists or media outlets for a specific brand in the Faselis platform.
  • If you choose a distribution list that includes the blocked publication, Faselis automatically discards the distribution to all the journalists working for the blocked publication.
  • On the flip side, if a journalist is not interested in news from the sectors of the brand, Faselis will not send your brand’s press release to that journalist.
  • And the pricing is great - you pay a small monthly fee for each brand you create on Faselis.
  • See Faselis Customized Pricing Packages
Optimize Impact and Reach