Faselis is a cloud-based media relations management platform designed specifically to meet the daily needs of PR professionals. Faselis saves you time and money as the platform allows the user to send personalized press releases with a number of high quality images, high definition videos and large documents to a list of journalists in only a few minutes. Faselis has no limitations when it comes to the number of the press releases being distributed, the number of emails you can send press releases to, or the number of files (image, video or document) you can distribute with the press releases.

Faselis’s daily updated media database gives you the freedom of reaching any media outlet or journalists’/influencers’ contact details in only seconds.

Use Faselis’s pre-defined media distribution lists with 200+ titles (technology, healthcare, fitness, transportation, etc.) or create your own private lists with an automatic update feature.

The most innovative and useful aspect of Faselis is its brand-based structure.

Create brands (subsections/projects) for your clients on Faselis and assign your team members to the appropriate brands. Increase the security and efficiency of your team and you can access any information, such as distribution reports or previously sent press releases and invitations.

Timing is everything.

Set different dates for your release distribution to gain maximum exposure and impact. Schedule delivery on the 14th for monthlies, the 25th for weeklies and the 30th for dailies. Faselis manages everything and sends the press release to the right journalist and influencers at just the right time.

Faselis offers a unique and powerful press conference invitations platform.

Journalist can respond to invitations with just one click. With this RSVP infrastructure, Faselis allows the user to pull RSVP reports spending less time creating the media attendee list for the event and making fewer follow up calls.

Meet Faselis

Faselis was created by a team of PR professionals who recognized the need for an innovative, intuitive and extremely powerful PR platform that outperforms any competitor on the market. Frustrated with the costs and headaches of traditional PR platforms on the market, these PR professionals designed an entirely new platform with a strong focus on both the PR professionals sending out the releases AND the journalists and influencers receiving the releases. By also focusing on the journalists’ and influencers’ user experience, Faselis has proven to increase the response and engagement rate but also mentors relationships through its user-friendly interface.

Faselis was developed using the most cutting edge technology to build the most powerful PR platform available anywhere on the market. Faselis HQ is located in Silicon Valley, the heart and soul of technological innovation.

Aydin Sun
Aydin Sun

Former developer, journalist and PR professional. Aydin sets the vision and manages the team to bring the vision to life.

Emek Tuzun
Emek Tuzun

Software engineer. Emek is responsible for the team that creates the high-end technology for Faselis.

South Africa: Gtuned Media
Tracy McGregor
Tracy McGregor
Partner (South Africa)

Tracy has been a Media personality in South Africa for over a decade and is passionate about the Media and PR industry as a whole

Thaamir Moerat
Thaamir Moerat
Managing Director (South Africa)

Thaamir is an International Sales Guru and Serial Entrepreneur. He runs South African division with partner Tracy McGregor.