Faselis is the only journalist-friendly platform on the market.

  • The Faselis platform was created by a former journalist.
  • Faselis press releases will never overload your mailbox.
  • The emails sent by Faselis will never exceed 50-100KB, no matter how many images or files are included with the press release.
  • When you open the email, you see the text of the press release, thumbnails of the images and links to the videos and documents.
  • Just click on a thumbnail or a link and download the original document to your device. If you want to use all of the included elements, you can download them as a zip file.

Customize your personal settings by clicking on the link at the bottom of the press release.

  • Select the subjects and industries you are interested in, so Faselis does not send press releases for the brands that are not related to the industries you select.
  • Block any brand if they’re of no interest to you
  • You can also stop receiving press releases from Faselis altogether, but why would you?!?

One-on-One Communication

  • Faselis sends press releases with the name of the contact person for that brand at the PR agency or company.
  • To connect with that person, just reply to the email and you will directly reach the right person.
Faselis Journalist