Intuitive User Friendly Interface

Faselis is designed for PR professionals of any technology level.

  • If you can write a feed and share a photo on Facebook, you can also use Faselis with ease.
  • You can find any information about any media or journalist in only seconds with Faselis’ easy to use data model.
  • Faselis’s tree-style distribution list structure guides you to select the right journalists and media outlets to send your press release in order to get the most impact.
  • You can check distribution reports with a few clicks and get the information exactly where and when you need it.
Mobile Support
  • Easily install Faselis iOS or Android apps to your mobile devices.
  • Access Faselis Media Database wherever you are. Mobile apps make it much easier to check names while you are in a meeting with your client.
  • Distribution reports of your press releases are at your fingertips anywhere and anytime. You can check them while enjoying a dinner with your friend or on the way to meet your client.
  • Manage your users and brands via Faselis Mobile App.
  • Assign users to brands without needing a computer.
Mobile Support
Journalist Friendly Distribution
  • Even with tons of high quality images or videos, Faselis press releases do not exceed 100 KB. That means less load for the journalists’ mailboxes.
  • Journalists can select the industries they are interested in.
  • Faselis won’t send a press release about a brand to a journalist who blocked the related sector of that brand, so the journalists aren’t inundated with releases they’re not interested in.
  • Journalists can block the brands and the Faselis system discards the distribution of the press releases for the brand to journalists who opted out.
Journalist Friendly Distribution
Powerful and Easy to Use
  • Faselis has a very easy user interface. An average PR professional who can use Facebook can also use Faselis with ease.
  • Create modern and polished press releases with no need for HTML or any other technical know-how.
  • With our brand-based structure, Faselis organizes all the content (press releases, invitations, etc.) for each brand so you can access it easily without getting lost in the weeds
Powerful and Easy to Use